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Church Automation

Digitalize old records of

family and individual parishioners while manage them with few clicks. Never loose sight of your people

Security | Privacy

Cybersecurity frameworks, data backups, and multi-factor authentication to safeguard data. You data is only yours.

No Maintenance Charge

Lifetime no service charge

24/7 dedicated support team

Core Network

Connect or Transfer a Member or Family to other churches on our Integrated platform word wide.


Cloud ERP solutions are highly scalable, enabling businesses to adjust their resources based on changing needs and demands.


Access data and applications from anywhere with an internet connection.This facilitates remote work and collaboration between teams, enhancing productivity and flexibility.


No Installation system with dedicated built in features with regular updates. Manage your parish church in a more efficient, organized and collaborative way.

  • Family Manager and individual members in it
  • Individual Member Manager and Tracker
  • Relationship Tracker with AI
  • Member Extracter
  • Transfer Members from Family to Another
  • All sacrament registers and records entry with AI
  • Sacramental Certificate Generation
  • Outstation Sacramental Entry
  • Online Document Verification
  • Excel Report Generation
  • Intelligent AI Search Filters
  • Accounting System
  • Dedicated Pastoral System
  • Assistant Permission Control
  • World Wide Member Transfer
  • Restriction Free Resource usage
  • Ticketing system
  • Auto Backup Central Console
  • Certificate Manager
  • Easy Onboarding
  • Substation | Villages Manager
  • Association | Group Manager
  • Graphical view
  • Migrants
  • 24 x 7 Support
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our lady of fatima church, Murshidabad
bandel basilica, bandel
don bosco church, Mirik
don bosco catholic church, kalyani
st. john bosco church, soreng
don bosco shrine, Siliguri
nirmol hridoy church, Monsada
st. theresa church, Sonada
st. john bosco church, Liluah

About Kalisya

Organized Intelligent and Advance

Kalisya is a user friendly advance powerful ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system dedicated to The Roman Catholic Churches. Organizing content has never been this easier before as it fosters remote work and collaboration. With Kalisya's cloud based architecture your data is always absolutely safe with daily backups. One can always revert back the changes made by mistake, providing a complete safe secure working environment. Constant and regular updated system that can run smoothly on minimun hardware from a smart phone to high end computers. No Installation or Registration charges. Multiple plans to choose from that allows restriction free usage of the erp. A complete Transparent Model with new possibilities and opportunities for growth. Kalisya is a vision to bring Roman Catholic Churches under single network where communication is easy globally.

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It's Built on Roman Catholic

The Code of Canon Law

we at kalisya maintain church data privacy and even the company support has no access to it. Our Intelligent system has a Restore data mechanism that can see previous changes and if made by mistake, You can always get it reverted. With a Click a church can Transfer entire Family or Individual Person to another church by passing on his records but still holds the right to issue certficate where sacrament took place, following the catholic church law. You can even assign your own assistants and grant them permission to workon different modules while you monitor the task. Its all that you need to organize a Roman Catholic Church.

Special Thanks giving to

  • Rev. Fr. Arvind Khalkho, SDB
    Province Delegate for Social Communication. Nitika Don Bosco, Kolkata

  • Rev. Fr. Roshan Kulu, SDB
    Parish Priest, St. John Bosco Parish , Liluah

  • Rev. Fr. E. J. Anthony, SDB
    Parish Priest, Auxilium Parish Church, Kolkata

  • Rev. Fr. J. A. Santhanam
    Parish Priest, Sacred Heart Church Thakurpukur, Kolkata