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Family Manager

Auto Family Id assignment. Manage family and individual members within them. Shift Member from one family to another within your church or change Head Member.

Sacramental Records

Records every sacramental details as well as you can issue certificates. It also comes with authority manager. Tracking the christian life of a member in the easiest way

Member Extractor

YOu can Create a new Family from an old family for an existing member in just a simple click. Yet keeping a track of member's original existence. Auto Comment that updates all details

Relationship Tracker

With this exclusive feature you are always aware of member's relationin family even when you are shifting them to another family or extracting them to create a new family

Global Transfer

Transfer a Member or an Entire Family globally to another church on our network with just a single click including all sacramental documents.

Dedicated Transfer System

A complete dedicated system to manage all transfer records or recieved members from another churches. Auto family creation on member received accepted with Sacratental doc transfer

Auto Backup

Any data you edit, is auto backed and then the update is applied so that all your content is safe. You can always review the backup in case of mistake and revert back the changes

Assistant Permission Control

Create a complete separate dashboard for your assistant and give them permissions on selected category. You can also monitor the work accomplished by them.

Pastoral Support

Family Pastoral entry system comes coupled with the service with exclusive auto invoice generation, search features and family payment history tracker

Accounting Manager

A great way to record all your transactions, DEBIT or CREDIT, Online Payment or Cash. Create your own transaction categories. Inclusive of Auto backup, Search, Invoice generation and Export modules.

Online Document Verification

Verify any certificate issued from kalisya system by any church to check it's authenticity

Kalisya Church Finder

Locate a church on our network with multi keywords search. Advance search engine Embedded


Know Migrants in your parish with stay duration such as Vagus, QuasiDomicile, Domicile. Insight of catholics staying single or with family

Ticketing System

Self manage ticketing system in case you face any issues. Max response time is 5 mins. You can also connect with our live chat system


An exclusive platform that guides on every module operation and keeps you update with the latest upgrades.

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